The Walk-In/Bike-In/Skate-In Movie Night Party and Protest
This is from the year 2000 so invites are now out of d ate -- as of June 10, 2002

The pictorial how-to guide (some assembly required):

  1. First you make a box out of couches (and a carpet) on a Bikes at Work trailer.

  2. Next you fill it with all your goodies, like snacks, teevee, vcr,
    videos, flyers, and of course lamps and cushions, and bike it
    down to "the lot" -- careful, this is quite a load!

  3. Then it's time to roll out the carpet and place the plushiness!

  4. Remember, the women of Underhill have super powers,
    so keep them on your good side.

  5. Nothing like sunset at the lot.
    I can hear the 2001 theme song now...

  6. The police let you know that you're trespassing and are subject to arrest,
    then they ask, "So whatchya gonna watch tonight!?"
    with genuine enthusiasm. So far, no arrests.

  7. Just in case, we have this special warning device:

  8. Soon the party is underway, with lotsa fine folks visiting
    throughout the night, learning many a thing, playing many
    a game, and watching many "hecka-cool videoactivist shorts" as
    well as many "cheezie americana fliks".

  9. Not to mention occasional visits from the CRVSADER
    Chopper Armada of the C.H.V.N.K. 666 Carmageddonion!

    So come on out every Saturday night at 9 PM until whenever
    we feel like stopping! Underhill parking lot is located
    at College and Channing in Berkeley, CA, USA, one block
    north and east of People's Park...some call it People's Park II.

    From the email bulletin:

    Pedestrian "Bike-In" Movie Night Party and Protest in the Underhill
    parking lot (Channing and College, Berkeley) Saturday 6/17, 9 PM. Couches,
    carpets, snacks and sodas, all free.  Help transform a parking lot into a
    paradise every Saturday night this summer in protest of the University's
    ill-conceived plan to build wasteful housing for killer cars rather than
    useful housing for living people who truly need it, right where
    alternative transportation needs a break from automobile congestion. Info:
    (510) CREW-CUT,
    FULL SUMMER SCHEDULE (not including the many video activist shorts):
    Stripes/Salvador (7/15)
    Children of Paradise/Prayer of the Rollerbladers (7/22)
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?/Taken for a Ride (7/29)
    Mad Max/Road Warrior (8/12)
    War Games/Blue Thunder (8/19)
    Berkeley in the 60's/Pulp Fiction (8/26)

    For more information about the PALPFPHUB CAMPAIGN
    click there or call Rick Young at (510) 666-8464.

    These pictures captured from video thanks to Biker-X Productions
    and the Video Activist Network (VAN).

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