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Bicycle Civil Liberties Union

The Bicycle Civil Liberties Union (BCLU) champions equal treatment for those who do not drive, especially bicyclists and pedestrians (including people who use wheelchairs). Show your support by learning your rights, fighting for equal treatment, lending your stories of rights violations, and adding your name to the supporters of our mission.

The BCLU is in hiatus. We are proud of our history, and remain a resource, but the concept of the BCLU has still to be fully developed and the tasks which need to be addressed are very large. BCLU hoped to bypass the nonprofit model of a funded, staffed organization in order to support our many battles small and large through networking and sharing of experience, facilitating personal and community initiative; and to remain free of the shackles of financial ties and incorporation which so often dilute and dissuade effective action.

Because these pages are not maintained, and the organization is in hiatus, it would detract from the many active organizations which have arisen since our founding in 1997, to maintain an appearance of being more active. While none of those current organizations fill the need BCLU hoped to fill, active organizations with more resources exist and should be contacted first, and many do address and understand the gross institutionalized injustice which we still face today; this was not the case 12 years ago at our founding.

Respect and sympathy in particular to the countless individuals struggling with very real tragedies, barriers and crises, often doing so in isolation; and kudos to the many bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations which are finally reaching a critical mass of effectiveness again after the suppression of the human powered renaissance began over 100 years ago; and cheers to Streets Blog for giving a coherent forum for news and discourse.

Legacy pages, which are sometimes updated, but include defunct features such as non-working sign-up and report forms, can still be viewed here. There remains a tremendous need for addressing the gross inequities and injustices which we face, which harm and effectively imprison society on a collosal scale. Healthier generations depend on what we do today to free and facilitate the many who would benefit from the right to travel via their own human power. Please, seize the moment!

    --November 21, 2009