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Case Histories -- Abuse Reports

    Too many to count...will be adding more over time. Note that due to time and technical constraints, the BCLU abuse reporting system was disabled for about two years. This site needs to have a PHP or other automatic interface so reports are generated immediately and without precious volunteer time.

  1. Notice of Dangerous Condition to City of Berkeley: Replacements for Diverter "Staples" pose hazard to bicyclists and pedestrians.

  2. School District Prohibits Walking and Bicycling to School with "No Transportation Zones".

  3. Officer lies to give educator citation.

  4. Anti-Traffic Calming Extremist Threatens Observer.

  5. Woman Assaulted in Berkeley by Bicycle-Hating Driver Flinging Door Open.

  6. NYT: Police Infiltrate Protests, Videotapes Show.

  7. How was your day?

  8. Complaint against BPD for harassment citation . Defendant uses this [temporarily unavailable to reduce spam] arraignment brief to refuse Commissioner Rantzman and attempt to set a trial date without a repeat of past harassment at said commissior's hand. UPDATE: Dec. 20, 2005. Both citations have been defeated (one dismissed due to officer no-show, one found not guitly at trial).

  9. Critical Mass Sound System Harassed/Confiscated in San Francisco.

  10. Off-duty cop attacks bicyclist with car in SF.

  11. Justice for Torrin Arnold: blinded by injuries after driver intentionally hits him and flees the scene.


  13. Police officer apologizes for ticketing teen.

  14. DAILY CAL: A Boy and His Bicycle.

  15. Eleven citations at Sacramento Critical Mass -- 2003 marks return of harassment.

  16. Portland Critical Mass attacked during Bike Summer 2002 Critical Mass.

  17. Bicycle Sound System Confiscated by Police.

  18. Two Arrested at Louisville Critical Mass.

  19. Bicycling Mayoral Candidate Suppressed By Police in Tulsa Oklhoma .

  20. Tulsa Mayoral Candidate To Burn Unjust Traffic Tickets.

  21. Marin County resident unable to report road rage incident.

  22. UCPD Bad Faith and Concern Of Anti-Bicycle Profiteering.

  23. Bicyclist Shot After being hit by SUV

  24. Dangerous Tunnel in North Hollywood, CA and Cruel/Insensitive Driver.

  25. Illegal Confiscation of Bicycle, false citation, false detention.

  26. Berkeley Bicyclists Fear Police Violence.

  27. Sacramento Critical Mass abuses as of Sept. 7th, 2001.

  28. Sacramento Critical Mass abuses regarding August 3rd, 2001.

  29. Successful protest shutting down Esso station "fumigated" by police.

  30. Atlanta Critical Mass: police abuses.

  31. Minnesota Critical Mass: two false arrests.

  32. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Bicyclist Assaulted with axe by truck driver.

  33. Berkeley motorcycle officer illustrates ignorance of law, violent intent against Critical Mass.

  34. Murder of bicycle activist by road-rage truck driver.

  35. Tree Love bicyclist suffers false charges and confiscation of bicycle and tree!.

  36. Police steal homeless man's chair to keep him from using sidewalk

  37. Police facilitate deliberate and unlawful destruction of bicycle banner trailer to suppress first amendment rights regarding "Car-Free Month". A second account with photo is available here.

  38. Police refuse citizen's arrest and even the right to make report in road rage incident at Berkeley Critical Mass.

  39. Woman reports prejudice by police in skateboard injury.

  40. False citation of pedestrian intervening with regards to "bike boom box" at demonstration. NOTE: this complainant's primary allegation of FALSE CITATION was recently sustained. However, the allegations of discourtesy and selective enforcement were not, the former clearly due to a technicality.

  41. Employee discriminated against for bicycling, June 29, 2000;

  42. Law student gets bogus ticket from the Berkeley Police Department, June 2000;

  43. Woman chased and struck by violent motorist, April 2000;

  44. Motorcar hit-and-run August 24, 1999

  45. Police Violence, False Arrests: Hilarious Account of a Tragic Wrong (Bikesummer Berkeley Critical Mass)

  46. Woman injured by motorcar right-of-way violation, Wed. April 21, 1999.

  47. Woman complains that police discriminated against her as a cyclist when her safety was in jeopardy, April 30, 1999;

  48. Cyclist falsely cited for running red light, April 20, 1999;

  49. Denver, Colorado refuses bicycle pedicab license but allows two-stroke pedicab, April 1999.

  50. 18 Arrested at Portland Critical Mass, November 1998;

  51. Fifteen cyclists arrested in Chicago Critical Mass, September 25, 1998;

  52. Legal observer falsely arrested on Critical Mass ride, June 26, 1998.

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