Bicycle Civil Liberties Union (BCLU): CASE HISTORIES
Case Histories

Too many to count...will be adding more over time. Contact us to join the volunteers who assist in this effort.

  1. Abuse reports received by the BCLU. To submit an abuse report click here.

  2. Police abuses of bicycle demonstrations (e.g., Critical Mass, bridge rides, overpass rides, tunnel rides, banner holding, etc.);

  3. Tales from the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge (old -- through 1999);

  4. Police abuses of bicycle rides (e.g., Cherry City Cyclists, which the East Bay Bicycle Coalition helped greatly with);

  5. Working cyclists may use more than 2/3 more food than non-cyclists and should be able to deduct this expense from their taxes just as commercial vehicles are allowed to deduct their gasoline. Check out food as fuel (including one case history);

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