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Bicycle Civil Liberties Union


The Bicycle Civil Liberties Union (BCLU) is an all-volunteer organization. We do not believe in requiring money from members at this time. While the BCLU may change in the future, our present focus is on supporting our mission through collective effort. Unfortunately, we certainly have expenses and our ability to affect change is limited by how much those who participate are willing to individually contribute. While we would much prefer that you take action, we realize that we need to provide a mechanism for those who would like to donate money to do so.

At present, several options exist:

  1. Send a check, money order, etc. to the BCLU;

  2. Make a donation in person at an event;

  3. Make a donation via PayPal -- simply enter the email address jmeggs AT@#$@#$@ The "at" sign is made crazy here to reduce spam abuses; just replace "AT@#$@#$@" with "@" to get the proper email address.

Checks can be sent to:

    P.O. Box 15071
    Berkeley, CA 94712-6071
Be sure to make any notes as to how you would like money spent (if you have a preference).