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Nonmotorized Equality Ordinance of 1998

This ordinance effort, sadly, was too rushed and was not properly developed. Thanks to the attorneys who looked it over for adequacy for submittal. The attorneys were not responsible for content. Content was developed with the participation of numerous community members and members of the Transportation Commission, members of City Council, and staff.

There is certainly a need for a major overhall of the policies and practices in Berkeley which hurt nonmotorized travelers (including but not limited to people who use wheelchairs, pedestrians, transit users, and bicyclists).

Many of the ideas in this ordinance have been implemented, to varying degrees, on a local, state and even national level. At some point the community should consider whether to do a better, more long-term job of proposing real solutions (perhaps in an ordinance form) to the injustices which exist.

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