Underhill Parking Lot

The Campaign

Underhill Monster pummels student protesters, leaves them covered in red tomato sauce, Berkeley Daily Planet article and photo November 13, 2000.

Live DJ dance music party and protest Saturday, November 11, 2000 with food, candles (houses and hearts), and a disco ball. Kinda lame Daily Cal article but the photo looks a lot better in color on the net than on the front page. The demo was put on by, among others, East Bay Reclaim the Streets and East Bay Food Not Bombs. Kriss Worthington, councilmember, spoke in addition to Paul Hogarth (newly elected to Rent Board), Stephanie Bernay (formerly on the Rent Board and current law student), Andy Katz of the ASUC, Howard "the tentless Guy" Chong, the main premiere organizer, Rick Young the Julia Butterfly of Underhill, and Jason Meggs of BCLU.

The Walk-In/Bike-In/Skate-In Movie Night Party and Protest that still occurs sometimes
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The famous car-smashing demonstration
(a donated, non-working car was smashed and then recycled)
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The mysterious flat tire protest.

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