Bicycle Civil Liberties Union
P.O. Box 15071
Berkeley, CA 94712-6071
June 26, 2000


Dear Legislators:

Thank you for your efforts to support bicycling and walking transportation in California.   Enclosed is our letter to Governor Gray Davis which is dated today. This letter was drafted last Friday, after the announcement that the budget had officially been approved by both the Senate and the Assembly. In only two days, we compiled over 1100 signatures from people who share our belief that bicycling and walking is a critical component of a healthy transportation system. We have appended 55, and given the originals to the Governor.

In this time of abundance, we must make the best use of our precious opportunity to prepare California for the many challenges ahead. Population growth combined with sprawl, if unchecked, may prove unsustainable and may seriously undermine California's economy in the future. The health and mobility of our citizens are suffering already. Planning for bicycling and walking is planning for healthy, livable, sustainable communities.

We are pleased that these fundamental considerations are beginning to be acted upon more and more effectively. Please continue to support balanced transportation in California.



Jason Meggs, Director

Bicycle Civil Liberties Union




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