Jason N. Meggs, M.C.P., M.P.H.

Sustainability & Health Consultant

With over 20 years experience in urban planning and environmental health, Jason 
seeks opportunities to use this knowledge and ability for the common good.

With a broad grasp of sustainability, Jason is an international creative thinker 
drawing on skills in law, physical sciences, technology, transportation & land use
planning and environmental health science to produce popular solutions meeting policy
objectives on multiple levels.

Specializing in petroleum-free urban planning, adaptation, mitigation and 
large-scale conversion measures, Jason will assist in reducing carbon, 
boosting public health, and bolstering the local economy through 
innovative measures to protect and serve the public.

Jason holds a dual Master's degree in City Planning & Public Health from the 
University of California at Berkeley, focusing on Sustainable Transportation &
Land Use Planning (International Field), and Environmental Health Science.
Jason holds a degree in Computer Science & Entomology, also from Berkeley,
as well as a Juris Master's equivalent (year of law) focused on Civil Rights Law.

Jason founded Escher City Associates.

Jason maintains a blog on best practices, The Meggs Report.

LinkedIn page here.

Flickr photos here (a small sample).

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