Berkeley Critical Mass!

Now Celebrating in our EIGHTEENTH YEAR of monthly rides as of MARCH, 2010 !!!

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rain or shine


Berkeley Critical Mass is for everyone!
Riders gather every second Friday of the month
at Constitution Plaza (main entrance, Downtown Berkeley
BART) starting around 5:30 PM, leaving together to roll after 6:00 PM.

New direction for the ride?

Read the discussion from the community!

Critical Mass is a global non-authoritarian movement
of celebration, street reclamation and demonstration.

What that means to you? It's a fun ride!
There is no specific political platform.
Critical Mass is a rolling free speech stage and playground
(funny how you do get a lot of people who like bikes :)

Each ride is unique, each ride is your stage.
Rolling furniture ensures your comfort.

(print and distribute this 4-up flyer
designed for the week before the mass -- it has no date)

There are often Post-Ride Events!

and the joy of the ride by reaching out with flyers (front, back).

Riders share perspectives on what makes a great experience for all.

Animations: squirt ride! ** flocculation! (o-turns)


Freeway Ride: Indybay Story, Photos, Discussion

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Berkeley Critical Mass Loves Rain

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Dig it: October 13, 2006 adventure ride.

* * *
Four bicycle activist cases video and story.
* * *


The rain ride: part 1 and part 2.
For some of these, if you don't already have it, you'll need the RealVideo player, they make it hard to find the totally free one -- ignore anything about "14-day free trial" and giving a credit card, with persistence you should be able to find it. As of Nov. 14, 2002 you can find a link at top right to "FREE RealOne Player", going to that page, in the bottom right there's "Download Free RealOne player only", then you have to choose the basic version, then you have to follow the installation instructions.
Sorry, it's a corporate product!

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New Rider? Guide

THE COUCH (an old school berkeley mass site)

Critical Mass rides around the world -- visit one on your next voyage!

Talk Fast Ride Slow -- an SF affinity groupmush that helped start it all

Reclaim the Streets -- not Critical Mass but may be of interest -- street reclamations in protest of global capitalism.
These two strips of photos were taken from a collection located on
another SF Bay Area RTS webpage, from the September 26, 2000 ("S26") demonstration
which included a Critical Mass-like ride as part of the protest.

Dreaming of car-free cities!?

Admin blah blah and yahoo

This is not an official website any more than ex-governor Gray Davis really
spoke for all Californians when he applauded Drive-Thru-Day

Not all Critical Massers ride bicycles! Wheelchair riders, runners, and skaters of all flavors
are welcome! The ride is usually slower than a runner, but faster than some chairs,
and skaters can usually find a pull up any hills. Diversity encouraged.

It would be nice to have help with this website, there's a lot
of GREAT stuff that could be put on it!


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